[Family Room] Open Area

04/28/2013 22:05
Open Area The Fireorb fireplace frees up floor space, and light, raised furniture makes the area f...
Open Area

[Family Room] High-Energy Interiors

04/28/2013 22:05
High-Energy Interiors This lively green isn't used anywhere else in the room, but it works because...
High-Energy Interiors

[Family Room] Family Fun

04/28/2013 22:05
Family Fun Comfortable furnishings, such as an upholstered ottoman, soft area rugs, and a cozy fir...
Family Fun

[Family Room] Not Just Neutrals

04/28/2013 22:04
Not Just Neutrals Even though the colors in this living room may be simple neutrals and whites, th...
Not Just Neutrals

[Family Room] Classic Drama

04/28/2013 22:04
Classic Drama In this coastal living room, attention to detail gives the mantelpiece and trim work...
Classic Drama