[Family Room] Relaxed Living

04/28/2013 21:51
Relaxed Living A wash of pastels brings this coastal living room together. Promote conversation wi...
Relaxed Living

[Family Room] Forget the Fuss

04/28/2013 21:51
Forget the Fuss If you've got it, flaunt it. This no-frills design plan ...
Forget the Fuss

[Family Room] Relaxing Family Room

04/28/2013 21:51
Relaxing Family Room In this family room, a large sectional sofa invites...
Relaxing Family Room

[Family Room] Family Gatherings

04/28/2013 21:51
Family Gatherings The family room is a warm gathering place for families...
Family Gatherings

[Family Room] Painted floors

04/28/2013 21:51
Painted floors Brighten a dull room by pairing white and contrasting str...
Painted floors