[Family Room] True Blue

04/28/2013 21:56
True Blue The dark saturated hue of indigo-painted walls works well in this light-filled room. An ...
True Blue

[Family Room] Disguised Desks

04/28/2013 21:56
Disguised Desks Sliding shutters allow the living room to accommodate a pair of offices that can b...
Disguised Desks

[Family Room] Raise the Rafters

04/28/2013 21:56
Raise the Rafters The exposed beams and tongue-in-groove ceilings are hi...
Raise the Rafters

[Family Room] Room for Reflection

04/28/2013 21:56
Room for Reflection Read a book or take in the spectacular views of the ...
Room for Reflection

[Family Room] HAVE a bold statement

04/28/2013 21:56
HAVE a bold statement Feature a classic design in a fresh way with the a...
HAVE a bold statement